Dr. Bogdan Pasca

Researcher of Altera

Bogdan defended his PhD in September 2011 on the topic “High performance computing on reconfigurable architectures” at ENS-Lyon under the supervision of Prof. Florent de Dinechin. Since joining Altera in late 2011, Bogdan has been instrumental in the design and implementation of over 70 floating-point math functions, created in Altera's DSP Builder Advanced toolset and since reused throughout many Altera products such as OpenCL, Megawizard and NiosII floating-point instructions. Bogdan regularly publishes at all known FPGA conferences such as FPGA, FCCM, FPL, and since has been awarded the 'best paper award' at FPL in 2012 and ASAP in 2011. Bogdan’s most known industrial involvement is his work on the Altera's OpenCL obtaining Khronos Conformance, which involved providing library of 70+ math functions with strict quality testing. Bogdan also contributes the company’s patent porfolio. Bogdan continues to maintain strong academic links from publications to leading internships. He actively seeks involvement in many projects, including direct design specialist support, customer engagements, in hard floating point DSP verification, and in many sub-projects across the DSP Tools group. In 2015 Altera has been acquired by Intel, and is now referred as Intel Programmable Solutions Group.