PhD students' day — CITI lab

Crowdsourcing continuous location-aware update service for parking assistance

by Trista Lin

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Urbanet & Dynamid team
3rd year


Smart parking
Information dissemination
Vehicular network


Frédéric Le Mouël
Hervé Rivano


Région Rhône-Alpes ARC 7

Smart parking assist service is rapidly deploying around the world and is regarded as one of the most reactive urban services in smart cities, yet the effects of the aid are still very limited. None of them considers the service deployment in a large-scale and dynamically changing urban environment, nor the countless parking search conflicts. However, the service system scalability and user’s context both give a great impact to the quality of urban service. If drivers are frustrated by the endless parking search failure, the smart parking service is useless. In this talk, we derive this problem in three-fold. First, we propose a crowdsourcing parking service supported by mobile vehicles and road-side infrastructure to see how drivers’ incentives affect the service reliability. Second, we adopt a publish-subscribe service system by using DHT-based routing protocols in order to provide a distributed and structured maintenance-free data storage for urban information. Last, we propose a matching method accompanied with a potential action set to describe drivers’ decisions so as to reduce the parking search conflicts and refine drivers’ queries. The result shows that our system can not only provide continuous location-aware update services to mobile users based on the service-centric dissemination, but also improve the parking search efficiency and the urban service scalability in distributed delay-tolerant networks.


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