PhD students' day — CITI lab

Programming models and runtime support for highly dynamic applications and robotic systems

by Stefan-Gabriel Chitic

Picture of Stefan-Gabriel Chitic


Dynamid, Chroma team
2nd year


Internet of Things
dynamic middleware
programming languages
multi-robot systems
robotic cloud


Olivier Simonin
Julien Ponge


Despite many years of work in robotics, there is still a lack of established software architecture and middleware for multi-robots systems. A robotic middleware should be designed to abstract the low-level hardware architecture, facilitate communication and integration of new software.

Since there is a great need of having multi-robot systems capable of splitting tasks of a greater problem, this PhD thesis is focusing on middleware for multi-robot system and how we can improve mono-robot frameworks for fleet purposes by adding multi-robot coordination services, development and massive deployment tools. We expect robots to be increasingly useful as they can take advantage of data pushed from other external devices in their decision making instead of just reacting to their local environment (sensors, cooperating robots in a fleet, etc). We plan to investigate programming models for dynamic systems in order to have distributed, resilient and context-aware middleware.


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