PhD students' day — CITI lab

Partial and Local Knowledge for Global Efficiency of Urban Vehicular Traffic

by Marie-Ange Lebre

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Dynamid team
3rd year


Intelligent Transportation Systems
Local,Partial,Global Optimization


Frédéric Le Mouël
Eric Ménard



Intelligent transportation systems that distribute information between roadside infrastructures and vehicles are one of the most promising solutions to the problem of traffic congestion.

We propose a model between decentralized and centralized solutions with an application called ”Smooth Way” that allow drivers to improve their travel time and/or fuel consumption when traveling.

We shows that, with only 2% of equipped intersections independently, a global improvement of the fuel consumption by the drivers through Smooth Way allows a reduction of 10% of the total travel time and 25% of the global the waiting time.

Indeed local decisions with pertinent partial knowledge of the network are close to the performance of a centralized solution.


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