PhD students' day — CITI lab

Measuring Urban Mobility for a Citizenship Service Cartography and Assistance

by Trista Lin

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UrbaNet & Dynamid team
2nd year


Wireless Sensor Networks
Urban Mobility
Information Dissemination


Herve Rivano
Frédéric Le Mouël


Région Rhône-Alpes ARC 7

As the urban population is increasing, to improve the efficiency of urban mobility becomes a tough problem. A huge percentage of traffic congestion is caused by vehicles cruising in the city center merely to look for a parking place. Even lots of smart parking solutions are proposed, the user satisfaction is still low. Our works are three-fold. First, the deployment of parking sensors in urban scale allows to collect the real-time information of on-street parking and vehicle mobility. Second, gateways in crossroads, which collect and aggregate the sensed information, provide urban services depending on users' different interests. Third, an efficient protocol allows to diffuse the demanded information and adapts to various urban environment. With our works, city will be able to manage all its infrastructure and guarantee the quality of service it provides, and then mobile users can benefit from ubiquitous services thanks to urban sensor network and distributed protocols.


CITI lab




INSA Valor

Rhône Alpes region