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A Formal Framework for Systematic Privacy by Design

by Thibaud Antignac

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Privatics team
3rd year


Privacy by Design
Formal Methods
Software Engineering


Daniel Le Métayer


Cappris Project Lab

Services provided to consumers are more and more personalized. Though it adds incomparable value in some situation, it may endanger privacy if not properly executed. Such services heavily rely on personal data. Their management is known to be a delicate issue: a simple privacy policy is not enough. Privacy by Design is an attempt at bringing a new vision on the problem. It can be explained in very few words: prevention is better than cure.

A lot of research about Privacy Enhancing Techniques has been done including cryptography and protocols. However, no systematic method to design architectures nor to formally verify their conformance to a specification is proposed. As a consequence, it is still an art-craft to design privacy-friendly architectures, this work is an attempt at providing a formal methods-based framework and a methodology to help to the emergence of standard industrial practices. Such possibilities are needed by the industry considering the next changes in the regulations planned for the following years.

The integration of the theoretical framework into a computer-aided design software to support architectures exploration is another step to complete to provide a useful tool. Exploration of patterns, automatic theorem proving techniques or constraint satisfaction problem resolutions are promising roads for the future.


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