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Programming Models and Runtime Support for Highly Dynamic Applications and Robotic Systems

by Stefan-Gabriel Chitic

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Dynamid team
1st year


Dynamic Middleware
Internet of Things
Programming Languages
Virtual Machines


Olivier Simonin
Julian Ponge

This PhD thesis will focus on developing new programming models and middlewares for highly dynamic applications, with usage scenarios in combined robotics and Internet of Things setting. More specifically, this work will tackle the following scientific and technical challenges.

A study of programming models that are suitable for resilient distributed applications in the field of robotics and communicating objects. Applications for controlling robots and fleets of cooperating robots need to cater for distributed communications and decision making. Also, such communications happen not just with robots, but also with other devices and cloud-based systems. In such settings, communication and hardware failures shall be the norm rather than the exception, hence it is important to provide suitable abstractions across middleware, language and application programming interfaces.

Robots as communicating objects in the Internet of Things. A strength of communicating objects is that they take advantage of Internet-based protocols and interfaces, which make them suitable for novel interactions with mobile devices, gateways and cloud-based applications. By shifting away from proprietary development kits and protocols, we expect robots to be increasingly useful as they can take advantage of data pushed from other devices in their decision making instead of just reacting to their local environment (sensors, cooperating robots in a fleet, etc). They can also serve as real-time data-collecting devices consumed and operated from near devices, or even orchestrating applications hosted at a cloud provider. More generally, we seek to define means of communication and decision making in large multi-robot systems.


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